Fashion Fabrics Designed With You in Mind

Whenever I am creating a new design, I have in mind what I would use the fabric for, a dress, scarf, handbag or something for the home.  I am also always designing with a person in mind, someone who loves bold colors and patterns.

Because I always design in high resolution, it is possible to customise and change many of the designs to fit your projects. For example when a customer asked me to change my poppy panel so she could have a 42" square scarf from the border with non of the white background, I was able to do this by duplicating and flipping the border then stretching the two borders to meet in the middle.  The result was a stunning silk scarf with a very bold print. I was so happy with it that I added it to my collection. (See fabric gallery Zeena).  

"You need a smaller repeat, I can do it.  You want a smaller panel that is possible too".

Contact me with any questions you have and we can work together.

Although I have split the fabric galleries into fashion fabrics and fabrics for home decor, that is only the way I have used the fabrics. They can all be used for any purpose really.   You decide

Images always look brighter on a computer screen than when printed, this is particularly true when printing on fabric. Also the same image will print differently on different fabrics, for this reason I recommend that you buy a sample before ordering fabric.

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