Zeta, Digitally Created Fabric Prints

This is a collection of fabrics that have all been digitally painted

Queen Bee

This bright and cheerful pring featuring honey bees is fun for an project. Cute for a child's dress or to decorate a child's bedroom. Mix and match the design in different sizes

Honeybees pattern,children fabric, kitchen aprons, wallpaper, gift wrap


This is a floral border design of pink & yellow flowers on black. The border is  roughly 18"wide and the rest of the fabric is printed with pink and green spots.



An all over pattern of spring flowers and spots on black or blue background.

Flowers, pink flowers, yellow flowers, border design, spots

Floral pattern, cotton fabric, floral prints


This fun pattern was inspired by summer beach holidays.  The bag is in linen/cotton canvas fabric, trimmed with rhinestones to add a little bling. 

Wild & Bright

This fresh design was created using digital brushes in Photoshop.  The printed fabric as shown is cotton voile.  I also teamed the skirt with  yellow and orange plain fabrics both sampled from the colors in the print. 

Nadia-kronfli-wild & bright-fabric-collage


A wavy background in blues and lilacs.  This design conjures images of the sea & sky at sunset. The fabric is cotton sateen.





Yellow and bright pink background with pink flowers.  The fabric for the dress shown in the photo is silk.


Summer Leaves

When I was drawing this design I did not start out with leaves in mind, but the shapes I created resembled leaves & that is how the design got it's name. Shown printed in cotton for a summer dress.  Great design for a shirt or flouncy summer skirt.

Nadia-kronfli-summer leaves-collage

Bubble Gum

A fun design of pink and orange spots on blue. Perfect for almost any summer outfit. Fabric shown is cotton sateen.


Nadia-Kronfli-Bubble gum-collage

Red Hat

I first created this design for a greeting card and embellished it with small rhinestones and a tulle bow.  I loved it so I made an  8"x10", version, printed it in silk and used it to make the shown handbag.  This year I thought I would like to have a top with the same design.  The pattern I chose was cut on the bias, so I lay the pattern pieces on plain fabric to determine where I should place the print.  As you can see it worked well.  I only needed 1 & 1/2 yds for the top so was able to add 1/2 yd of plain red, sampled from the color of the hat to make the trim.  Design is also available in pink or blue (hat).

Lady with red hat collage


Colorful & fun.  The design comes in a panel 40"x36" or an all over design to mix & match.


Nadia-Kronfli-Confetti collage

Butterflies & Daisies

This is one of my favorites, it also is my very first fabric. It was fun to make, but back then I did not know how to design the repeats and it took me a while to get it right.  Available in two sizes, a small repeat 8"x8"  and a larger repeat 16"x16".  In the photo on the left I am showing what a yard of each would look like for comparison


Nadia-butterflies-Daisies collage

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