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Photographic, Digital & Handmade Greeting Cards & Gift Wrap for All Occasions

With the rising popularity of the internet some of us may favor email or an e-greeting whenever an occasion calls for one.  I prefer to give and receive a real paper card.  I can hold it & display it and if I really, really like it, I will keep it displayed well past the occasion it was intended for.  Whenever I send out a card I put a lot of thought into it, so it is no surprise that when I took an interest in photography, I started making my own cards. I have too many photos I want to share with friends, I design my cards for the person they are intended for, I want my cards to bring on a smile.

The card galleries are not organised by occasion, because our greeting cards can always be customised for the occasion. I can also add your chosen custom greeting. 

Any questions drop me a line.

Cards are printed on canvas textured paper in two sizes 7" x 5" &  5.5" x 4.25".  

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