Fabrics For Use Round The Home In Soft Furnishing & Table Linen

As with the fashion fabrics, the soft furnishing and table linen fabrics are created with a project in mind.  As you see in our Kitchen & Dining gallery, I have created two tablecloths for a circular table.  I was able to modify the print for placemats and matching serviettes. It is also possible to adapt the design for a long or square table.  Please note though that I have a limit of 54" for the fabric width.

I also try not to waste fabric, so when I had to order 2 yards for the featured tablecloth for which I only needed 54", I tagged on 4 napkins to use up the rest of the 2 yards. I will do the same for you whenever it is possible just contact me with you questions.

Although I have split the fabric galleries into fashion fabrics and fabrics for home decor, that is only the way I have used the fabrics. They can all be used for any purpose really.   You decide

Images always look brighter on a computer screen than when printed, this is particularly true when printing on fabric. Also the same image will print differently on different fabrics, for this reason I recommend that you buy a sample before ordering fabric.

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