Photographic & Digitally Manipulated Images for Wall Art, Cards & Stuff

Through photography I have learned to appreciate nature, to look at details, to note color variations & to see the beauty of my surroundings.  In the digital darkroom I explore & experiment with different styles & techniques, I crop, I apply filters & effects & layer photos together to create something new, something that is my own.  The choices in digital photography are many, I am only limited by my imagination.

Butterfly Magic

These photos of butterflies were taken in the Tucson Botanical Gardens. Other than cropping and some light adjustments, I have done very little editing on these photos. I liked them as they came out of the camera. I have also used  some of these photos to create the fabric shown on Zeena Fashion Fabrics page.


Sea & Sky

This elegant egret was a regular visitor at our house in Mexico, of the many photos I have of him these are my favorite. The last one was created by layering & stitching the first three.



Sea & Sky

Blue skies and seagulls



Flower Photography

Flowers are my favorite subjects, they smile & turn their best side to the camera.  Many of these flowers were at sometime growing in my garden.




Square photos of roses.  I have used these images to create ceramic tiles to use as coasters or as wall hanging. They make beautiful gifts.



Tulips are beautiful and graceful  flowers.  


A delicate daisy in shades of pink, blue & lilac

Gerbera Daisies

Beautiful large daisies in bright red & yellow


Beautiful large white daisy like flower.


A very elegant flower  



Cactus Flowers

Pink cactus flowers.


These juicy & delicious clementines were the first to grow on my citrus tree. They make lovely small prints to decorate the kitchen wall. I have used these same photos to create the fabric  shown on my Kitchen & Dining page & the glass cutting board shown here. 

This & That

Other photos I like. 

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